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At Paul Sherry Conversion Vans, we proudly offer a wide range of conversion vans for sale. We always strive to offer a selection that includes the most popular conversions as well as choices for all needs and budgets. We stock vans from the most popular automakers with conversions from the highest-quality converters to provide our customers with vehicles they can count on.

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New Conversion Vans For Sale

At any given moment, we will have dozens of new conversion vans for sale. Our inventory is listed online, complete with details and photos, or you can come to visit our dealership in person to explore our vans. Our new conversion vans are based on the RAM van, known for its excellent turning radius, fuel efficiency, interior height, comfort, and versatility. The new RAM conversion van inventory includes our own Sherry conversions as well as those from other recognizable and respected custom van converters, such as Waldoch.

As you browse our inventory, you will notice that our new conversion vans include options for a range of passengers, with seven and nine-passenger configurations being our most popular. Our new conversion vans also come with a great warranty to give you peace of mind and show you how confident we are in our vehicles at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans.

Pre-Owned Conversion Vans

For those who prefer to buy a used conversion van for sale, we offer many models that will fit the bill. Our used selection includes models from even more brands, including GMC, Chevrolet, and Ford. This way, you can choose the van that you prefer, whether it is the GMC Savana, Chevrolet Express, RAM, or converters like SherryExplorerMajestic, Rocky Ridge, Southern Comfort and more.

As with our new conversion van inventory, we maintain an updated list of our used conversion vans for sale in our online inventory. You will find details and numerous photos to give you a clear idea of the condition and features of a vehicle before you even visit our dealership. Our used inventory is an ideal choice for those who need the versatility of a conversion van but do not necessarily have room in their budget for a new one. You can find mobility options, passenger options, and anything else you need.

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Mobility Vans For Sale

Speaking of mobility vans, this is one of our specialties at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans. We want everyone to be able to get around and enjoy their independence. As such, we work with the top manufacturers of mobility upfits as well as the best converters to offer new mobility vans in a range of configurations. We carry models that fit a single wheelchair as well as those that fit several wheelchairs. We also have models designed to allow those with mobility impairments to easily access the driver’s seat and get behind the wheel.

We understand that mobility vans are a necessity for many people, which is why we always try to have several used mobility vans and new models in our inventory at any given time. This allows us to offer mobility vans for a range of budgets and provide immediate access to them.

If you have some more time, we suggest working with us to custom order a mobility van. Your custom mobility van can start with the Chrysler Pacifica or the RAM ProMaster. In either case, you can choose from the full range of trim levels and engines so you can enjoy the features, power, and efficiency that you prefer.

We work with multiple lift manufacturers, allowing our clients to choose from lift types such as the REV Mobility Advantage RE Lift and the REV Mobility PHEV Lift on the Chrysler van. On the RAM van, lift options include the Ricon 6-Way Power Transfer Seat Base, Ricon Uni-Lite Wheelchair Lifts, Ricon Reliant Wheelchair Lifts, Ricon Clearway Wheelchair Lifts, and K-Series KlearVue Wheelchair Lifts. You can contact us directly to get a quote on a custom mobility van or get an estimate via our website with no obligations.

Sell or Trade Your Conversion Van

At Paul Sherry Conversion Vans, we not only sell conversion vans but also buy them, either directly or via a trade-in. Many clients choose to complete a trade-in and sell us their old van to get a discount on their new conversion van. This is a great way to upgrade your current vehicle without breaking your budget.

You do not have to buy a vehicle from us to sell us your conversion van. We always welcome used conversion vans that are in good condition. This not only helps those in the community looking to sell their vans, but it also allows us to maintain a wide selection of vehicles at all times.

Whether you choose to sell us your van or trade it in for a newer model, we always pay top dollar. To make life easier for you, we can even pick up your conversion van in many cases. To get the ball rolling on your conversion van sale or trade-in, call us, visit the dealership, or fill out our trade-in form on our website. We will ask for basic information like the make, model, year, mileage, VIN, seating capacity, condition, and conversion company.

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We offer Financing

Our team at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans wants to do whatever we can to ensure you get behind the wheel of your perfect van. As such, we offer financing at our dealership. Our team works with multiple banks, both local credit unions, and national banks. This lets us accommodate drivers of all credit situations and offer competitive rates.

To start the financing process from our dealership, just visit the financing page of our website and fill out the Online Finance Application. Our finance manager will receive the application and contact you to see what your goals are. Filling out the Online Finance Application will not affect your credit score in any way as we do not take further action until we talk to you. All of the information you submit is confidential and safe, so you do not have to worry.

Nationwide Delivery

While many drivers prefer to come to visit our dealership and see our selection of conversion vans in person, we know that this is not always possible. Perhaps you live on the other side of the country or maybe you have mobility impairments that make it hard to get to our dealership. Because of this, we offer nationwide delivery.

We will deliver your conversion van to any of the 50 states. This way, you do not have to deal with limited choices for a conversion van just because there are not many options near you. To get an estimate for the delivery cost, simply give us a call or fill out the online form. We will need to know the destination and vehicle. Based on that information, we can give you an estimated cost.

No matter what you are looking for in a conversion van, you can find it at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans. Explore our online inventory or come visit our dealership to see our available new and used conversion vans in person.

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Van Conversion Types and Converters

The term conversion van covers a broad range of vehicles. In its most basic elements, a conversion van is a van that can be converted into a bunch of different things. In order to understand the different types, and help you choose which one suits your needs, we will go into detail about the van conversion types and converters. 

Van Conversion Types

There are many types of conversion vans including:

  • Camper Vans / Class B Vans
  • Wheelchair Vans
  • Passenger Vans
  • Limo Vans
  • Shuttle Vans

A basic conversion van is typically a completely bare van that can be converted to suit the needs of the customer. This completely bare van can be a full-size van or a mini-van. Full-size conversion vans, such as the RAM ProMaster, are typically converted into business vans. While conversion mini-vans are typically converted into […]

Conversion Vans vs. SUVs: What’s the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle?

Road trips can be incredible experiences. From sight-seeing to cruising down the highway, adventures on the open road are some of the best. 

But sometimes, what should be a fun road trip turns into a hassle. This is often due to uncomfortable travel, breakdowns, and constant stops for gas. 

So how can you avoid these road trip hiccups? Your best bet is picking a vehicle that can take on whatever your adventure throws at you.

Conversion Vans vs. SUVs

Conversion vans and SUVs are popular road trip vehicles — and for good reason. Both offer perks over other vehicles including more space, bigger seats, and tougher builds that can handle the distance. 

But which is best? 

There are a few factors to consider, and one of the most important is gas mileage.

Does a Conversion Van or SUV Get Better Mileage?

Right now, one of the best conversion vans on the market is the Ram […]

Wheelchair Van Purchasing Tips

Wheelchair van purchases can be daunting for people who have never invested in one: Which is the safest? Will I be able to get into one without issues? What’s the best version?

A mobility van ranges in price depending on the features you need and want. We suggest test driving one to discover if it’s the right fit and if it makes you comfortable. Consider things such as where you may get in and out of this van the most. Would it be better to have rear or side entry? Will it need to be great for parallel parking?

Here are some of the most common questions about wheelchair vans:

How much does a mobility van cost?

Like all vehicles, it varies based on the features. Costs start around $40,000 for new vehicles. But there are plenty of used options as well. If you consider the regular price of a van and then add in […]

ATS Mobility Vans: Dodge Grand Caravan Features and Benefits

The Dodge Grand Caravan excels as a van in general, but it stands out even more as an ATS mobility van. If you haven’t yet considered this vehicle for your next mobility van, you might want to. With an ATS mobility van conversion, the Dodge Grand Caravan allows for versatile configurations and a safe, secure entrance, exit, and transport of passengers with wheelchairs.

Dodge Grand Caravan ATS Mobility Van Features

The Dodge Grand Caravan ATS mobility van offers a lot for drivers in need of a wheelchair-accessible van. The following are a few stand-out features in this van:


Four adults can comfortably sit in the front and second-row bucket seats of the Dodge Grand Caravan when equipped with an ATS mobility conversion. Wheelchair access sits behind the second-row seats, giving the wheelchair user plenty of space to enter and exit comfortably.

The rear of the ATS mobility Dodge Grand Caravan has enough area to […]

New Ford Conversion Van vs RAM Conversion Van: Which One to Buy

Ford and RAM have some of the most capable and versatile conversion vans in the industry. The Ford Transit conversion van and RAM ProMaster conversion van are full-size vans built for comfort and convenience for passengers or ultimate customization for commercial purposes. With several similarities between the two, it can be challenging deciding which one to buy.

We sell both conversion vans at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans, so we’re knowledgeable about what each van offers and what kind of people and jobs they suit most. 

Which Conversion Van Should I Buy? Ford vs RAM Conversion Vans

Ford conversion vans and RAM conversion vans each have a lot to offer in terms of safety, technology, and performance. Still, when you’re deciding between the two, breaking down the details can help you find the right conversion van for conversion vanRead more

FAQ: Are New Conversion Vans Still Made?

A conversion van was once one of the most popular types of vehicles for travel enthusiasts who longed for adventures with their families or friends. In more recent years, we hear more about RVs and even large SUVs taking over the job. Are conversion vans still made? If so, what do they offer to modern drivers?

Are Conversion Vans Still Being Produced?

Yes, new conversion vans are still being produced and manufactured. You might just not hear about them as much because they aren’t as widely used as they once were. However, today’s conversion vans are still built for convenience and comfort, just like they always have been.

Sherry Vans is one of the top selling dealerships of new conversion vans available for consumer purchase in the USA. We have 7, 9, and 12-passenger conversion vans for personal and commercial use, as well as mobility vans that can be tailored to the unique needs of […]

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