new touring van features buyers often look for

New Touring Van Features Buyers Often Look For

Touring van’s size and comfort has made them a long time favorite among travelers, whether you’re on the road full time or just looking to take the occasional road trips. However, not all touring vans are created equal, you need high quality parts and amenities to make your van is really up to trip, not to mention keeping it comfortable for hours at a time.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable trip, here are some of the key new touring van features you should prioritize.

Spacious Interior

Vans are large vehicles by nature, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have space where it really counts. For a good touring van you need to make sure you have a spacious and functional interior. That means hidden but accessible storage, plenty of legroom, and room to stretch.

Features like flexible seating, where you can move or remove seats as needed, can make a world of difference in your travel experience, especially when you’re traveling with a small group.

You should also look for under-seat and behind-the-seat storage, as well as cupholders of various sizes, and other storage amenities.

More space isn’t always better. More, functionally designed space, is always better.

Comfortable Amenities

new touring van features buyers often look for

Comfort is critical if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a vehicle, and that includes things like comfortable seats, good climate control and more.

For summer months you want a functional AC system, preferably with climate zones so everyone can be at the temperature they prefer. In the winter, prioritize heating and windshield/mirror de-icing. Plush or heated seats, quality sound systems, and other entertainment systems can also make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency might seem like an oxymoron in a van, but the latest touring vans do offer more fuel efficient profiles and better-optimized engines. Hybrid and electric models are also helping cut the gas guzzling, offering familiar van comfort and size, but without the constant need to hit the pump.

Customizable Interiors

More and more people are looking for customized or customizable interiors, and the best touring vans offer a lot of options here. Custom upholstery, different lighting systems, new or different seat designs, and even high-quality flooring are all great ways to customize a touring van.

Safety Features

As with any vehicle the size of van, safety is paramount when it comes to a good traveling van experience. Look for active driver assists, including lane departure warnings, proximity alerts, rearview cameras, and blind spot monitoring to help keep you safer on long trips.

Comfortable seat belts, airbags, and other passenger protections are also important, and can help keep everyone safe in your van. Plus, they offer added peace of mind for drivers. Travel safe with a van that helps keep you and your passengers as safe as possible, and early warning systems to tell you when something is wrong.


There are a lot of advantages to getting a touring van that’s really been designed and customized with comfort and safety in mind. The more you’re going to be traveling the more important these features become.

If you’re looking for a new touring van that already offers some of these features, or want to customize your existing van to add some additional features and functionality, we can help.

Visit us at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans to find the perfect touring van for you, or to trick out your existing van to meet your highest touring van dreams.

Call Paul Sherry Conversion Vans at 866-906-9303 with any questions or visit our showroom at 8645 N County Road 25A, Piqua Ohio, 45356 to see our conversion vans for yourself.

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