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new conversion vanIf your looking for a new conversion van, than look no further. We are the largest dealer of RAM ProMaster Conversion Vans in the country. Our line of new conversion vans bring new life to the van market offering 24 MPG, 6’4″ interior height, and front wheel drive. Our new van inventory has many models to choose from. Here are some other features that make our new conversion vans different from other vans currently on the market:

Our New Conversion Van Warranty
We’re so confident in our new conversion van chassis, we’re backing it with both a 3-Year/36,000-Mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty as a well as a 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.

76″ Interior Height
All our new conversion vans have an industry leading interior height of 76″. This allows passengers 6’4″ and shorter to stand up and stretch out while in transit.

24 MPG
Our vans gets an astounding 24 MPG. That’s 4 MPG better than the traditional GM conversion van chassis. This difference can make a large difference in fuel economy over the course of a road trip.

36-Foot Turning Circle
When you’re navigating crowded city streets, parking garages and narrow back alleys, you need the maneuvering capability to get in and out quickly. Our class-leading 36-foot turning circle new conversion vanshelps make almost every three-point turn a five-star experience. When driving maneuvering the new conversion van for the first time, this feature will

Front Wheel Drive
Light, nimble and responsive, the RAM Sherry Conversion Van features a front-wheel-drive system that allows impressive handling when navigating crowded city streets, parking garages or windy roads. With fewer parts to maintain, the front-wheel-drive system offers more room for the best floor-to-ground step-in height and more interior room than other manufacturers of new conversion vans.

Rear Doors
The rear doors swing open 260 degrees, folding almost flat to the side of the van. They provide an incredible amount of easy access, even in the tightest spaces. Doors also have built-in 90- and 180-degree detents, providing for various loading or unloading situations, giving you control when opening.

Raised Headlights
Raised headlamps and taillamps move vehicle lights away from common impact zones. Safety is considered the largest area of improvement for new conversion vans.

Three-Piece Front Fascia
The three-piece modular front fascia and the rear fascia are constructed of durable, thermoplastic composite panels and are easily removable for simple serviceability and reduced repair costs.

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