5 Events When Hiring a Limo Van Can Save the Day

Next time you have a large event, consider hiring a limo van instead of taking multiple cars or just sticking to a regular limo. A limo van is the perfect combination of a passenger van and a luxurious limousine with seating for a large group of people and premium accommodations, like leather seating and extra climate control. You can use a limo van for nearly any situation, but here are some of the times when you will really appreciate having hired one.

  1. Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties – People have been hiring limos for decades to help them celebrate their bachelor or bachelorette parties, but a limo van is an even better idea. They are more spacious so you can bring a larger group without feeling squished or risking your safety. At the same time, you still get all the premium features that make limos so popular for bachelorette and bachelor parties: entertainment systems, tables, leather seating, LED lighting, and a rear partition wall.
  2. Weddings – If you need to get to your wedding or reception in style, then consider a limo van instead of a traditional limousine. You will have enough room for the entire wedding party, even if it is a large group, since there is plenty of seating. Many designs have room for over 15 people! The hooks for garment bags give you the perfect place to put your wedding dress or change of clothes so it isn’t wrinkled. Of course, you also have a cooler to store champagne and leather seating.
  3. Family Reunions – The next time you are planning a family reunion, take some time to consider what type of vehicle you will use to get around. Opting for a limo van will avoid the need to find parking for multiple vehicles but still have the ability to fit the entire group. This way, there is no fighting over who gets to ride with whom, and everyone can be together and catch up. After all, the point of a reunion is spending time with family you never get to see.
  4. Day Trips – Limos are a popular option for groups of people going on day trips, but a limo van can make it even better. After all, there is much more room to stretch out in a limo van. You also don’t have to worry about headroom as much when getting in and out. This means the person furthest from the door doesn’t have to hunch down to get to the seat. The extra floor space in the van also means that you have somewhere to store whatever you need for a day, and the tables found in most limo vans let you eat on the go with ease.
  5. Group Business Trips – If your company is taking a group business trip, you want to minimize costs. You can fit more people in a limo van than a few cars, saving money. You can use the limo van to get your group to the airport or even as a road trip alternative to flying the entire group out in the case of shorter distances.
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