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Welcome to Paul Sherry Conversion Vans. Our dealership offers limo vans for sale including the ability to custom order a variety of floorplans and styles. Below, learn more about what our limo vans can offer:

Limo vans are growing in popularity, giving people a chance to take advantage of their usefulness. Companies who frequently need to transport larger groups in an upscale environment will appreciate them, as will entrepreneurs looking to expand their limousine or shuttle services. Think of a limo van as the perfect combination of features from limousines and passenger vans. You get the seating experience and overall styling of a limo with the functionality of a van. Our line-up of new Waldoch Vans provide a variety of options to choose from.

limo-vans-for-saleTruly Spacious Interiors

One of the things that sets limo vans apart from other modes of transportation and lets them appeal to the masses is their spacious yet luxurious interiors. You get high-end materials, such as leather seating and LED lighting, with much more space than you would in a luxury sedan or even a limo. Since limo vans are converted versions of models like the 149 High Roof Extended RAM ProMaster, there is some serious headroom, preventing the need for passengers to crouch down in an undignified manner to reach their seats or slide along them, either of which ruins the elegance of riding in a limo. The Limo Package adds LED lights, a rear partition wall, and the black interior upgrade, among other features. The luxurious leather seats are stylish as well as comfortable. You can enhance the limo to include an intercom phone system and 32-inch flip-down HD LCD TV, along with headphones and a DVD player.

limo-van-interiorA Configuration for All

Limo vans may be a growing trend, but there is still an incredible range of options. At Paul Sherry, you can find models based off the RAM ProMaster. There are four different seating layouts to choose from, including a traditional arrangement with four rows of seats and room for 9 or 10 passengers. You can opt for a limo lounge style with a bar, fold-down table, cooler in the front, and seat for 15. There is also a party limo arrangement with two seats in front and a back featuring a mix of lounge and individual seats, a fold-down table, and a cooler. There is also a wedding limo that seats more than 15 passengers and has a cooler in front, making it perfect for larger groups of people.

Financing Available

To make sure every limo van for sale is within reach, Paul Sherry offers financing options that will help you get behind the wheel. Just work with our financing department to see what type of automotive loan we can offer. Don’t worry about your credit; our team will work hard to get you the best possible deal.

limo-van-for-saleFind a Van with Ease

Thanks to Paul Sherry, you won’t have any problems finding a limo van for sale no matter where in the country you live. While those close to Piqua, Ohio, have the advantage of being able to check out these vans in person, the online inventory with descriptions and pictures lets you shop from a distance. Factor in our excellent customer service online and on the phone and the fact that we can help arrange delivery, and you can own a limo van regardless of where in the country you live.

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