How Much Will The RAM ProMaster Tow?

Unbelievable Towing with The Sherry Conversion Van

So, you’re considering introducing your family to style and luxury by becoming a Sherry Conversion Van owner. Your loved ones will feel like movie stars as they travel in the newest luxury conversion van, while you rest easy knowing you didn’t have to be a movie star to afford it. The 2015 Sherry Conversion Van was created so that you and your family can enjoy luxury at an affordable price.

Not only is the Sherry Conversion Van top of the line in luxury and comfort, but it also offers a maximum towing capacity ofย 5,100 pounds. Just like the RAM ProMaster Conversion Van, the Sherry Conversion Van is equipped with the same powerful engine and six speed transmission which assures smoother driving while hauling your families toys. With this amazing power, can you imagine all the things you can now tow without worry?

Just think, your family is enjoying the many entertainment options on this long journey while you sit comfortably in the driver’s seat pulling the families pontoon boat. Some are watching a movie on the 32″ HDTV, another is reclining in the back seat, not even noticing the big 4,500 pound boat being pulled behind them.

Your drive is peaceful with few stops because in addition to the incredible towing ability, your new Sherry Conversion van gets an average of 20 mpg with your choice of gasoline or diesel engine. That’s right. The new Sherry Conversion Van is available with a 3.0L EcoDiesel engine that offers incredible power with low gas mileage for whatever you may be towing.

Can your minivan or pick-up truck offer that? Not even the old hippie conversion vans can hold a candle to the new Sherry Conversion Van. Back then the vans were made of metal and wood. They usually had some basic comforts like a fold out couch, swivel chairs, and carpet. But they were heavy and not very fuel efficient. Due to the weight of the van itself, the towing capacity was very minimal. Wow, isn’t it great at how advanced we have become?

Now, with the ability to use lighter materials and the fact that the Sherry Conversion Van is built on its own bespoke frame, this conversion van is able to offer luxury and power. No longer will you have to sacrifice comfort when hauling. With the 5,100 pound towing capacity, hauling that camper or trailer of toys will be a breeze.

The Sherry Conversion Van offers a variety of custom features, but comes standard with a front wheel drive system that gives the driver better control when maneuvering through traffic or dealing with treacherous roads which makes towing much easier.

When it comes to towing and comfort, all you need is the Sherry Conversion Van.

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