Sherry ProMaster Conversion Van: This Isn’t Your Uncle’s Hippy Van

Hey all you flower children of the 60’s!


Consider a New Conversion Van to replace your old, musty, historical, paint splattered and Woodstock weary van. You may want to grab your cane, walker, oxygen tank or whatever assistance you require in this modern age and come on over to Paul Sherry Vans to check out their new ProMaster Conversion Van; but hang on to your hat and your pacemaker because they sure don’t make ’em like they used to. And that, my friends, is a good thing!

Fortunately, with the maturity rate of the young and rebellious, came changes to the conversion van industry as the hippies began to marry and raise families. Along with modern home conveniences, transportation vehicles became demanding of captain’s chair seats and custom interior lighting, thereby making the modern van a vehicle with a multitude of luxurious options.

Many more reasons exist as to why the Ram Promaster is the forerunner in options for low-top Conversion Van owners including front-wheel drive, an economy conscious V-6 engine and a diesel engine under design that will be available in the near future. When you visit our website, you will be able to place your own order and custom add-ons. Since we have a direct line to the manufacturer, we may even finesse the shag carpet for you, if you wish, provided of course that you do not choose the purple!!

No doubt, you are interested in fuel consumption in a country where fuel prices continue to spiral out of control on a daily basis. Rest assured, although the ProMaster Van is exempt from any form of EPA fuel economy testing, you will find it greatly improved as far as fuel efficiency.

When you feast your eyes on the new Ram Promaster Conversion Van by Sherry Vans, you may experience a long gone euphoric “happening” as you take in the sleek modern design and enormous headroom afforded the passengers in these vans. While you are on the premise, be sure to visit the Paul Sherry Van mascot, a 1977 Chevrolet Hop Cap that speaks volumes about van conversions. You will find, included in all of it’s splendor: hardwood floors, shag carpet and a dynamite paint job that the child of the 60’s should have taken more time to master.

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