Conversion Van Tailgating: The Better Choice For NASCAR Fans

The hallmark vehicle driven to events by many endearing fans of NASCAR races across the country was formerly the Class A Motorhome. However, fans are changing their favorite vehicle to get them to the races, and the evolution of the Conversion Van is fueling that change. The standard RV was used more for its occupant carrying capacity than its lodging comforts. Conversion vans built on large chassis cost less, seat more people, have plenty of entertainment options, and are downright fun to drive.

New Commercial Van Chassis Used In Modern Conversions

The RAM ProMaster has been a boon to delivery drivers everywhere, but they are also an incredible platform to build conversion vans on. They are hitting the Class B motorhome market by storm with passenger-carrying van conversions becoming hugely popular as the standard vehicles to move people in comfort and style. One of the largest improvements over older conversion vans is the 76″ of headroom these new vans provide. The second, and almost equal improvement is the improved Fuel Mileage. Imagine getting over 20 MPG, typically more in diesels, in conversion vans that can carry up to nine passengers!

RAM ProMaster vans are built on designs by Fiat’s commercial vehicle series. They are the trusted workhorse of foreign commercial delivery truck designs. The sloped front end with its high headlights and elevated cab height gives drivers a commanding view of the road. They are so easy to maneuver that customers used to driving small cars are comfortable driving the RAM Promaster within minutes of getting behind the wheel. The engines that give that great mileage are not underpowered. They have the get-up-and-go that makes delivery drivers hauling heavy packages happy, and fleet owners are also happy about reduced fuel costs. These details are desired by van conversion owners.

NASCAR Fans Choosing Conversion Vans Over Motorhomes

Pulling into the parking area on race day, fans are greeted with a seemingly endless sea of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Parking security personnel are tasked with finding everyone a place to park. The big motorhomes are herded way to the back. Smaller vehicles get closer to the race track. Motorhomes are tough to maneuver in such small spaces where conversion vans are not. And, since tailgating fans are out in the parking lot grilling and having fun while motorhomes sit empty, it makes more sense to make the switch to conversion vans.

Custom Conversion Vans make for great tailgating experiences at NASCAR events around the country. Passengers travel in comfort and the vans have plenty of room to hold coolers, grilling supplies, portable canopies for the tailgate site, folding chairs, fan gear, a mounted 32-inch television and even a place to sleep! Audiophiles can have the stereo of their dreams installed to listen to music or race day information.

Conversion vans based on the RAM ProMaster are available to suit individual NASCAR fan needs for getting friends and family to the races and back. Shoulder, hip, leg and head room abound in RAM ProMaster conversion vans. Passengers up to 6′ 4″ can stand up inside. Lower fuel and maintenance costs along with easy parking anywhere make conversion vans the better choice. The savings on fuel costs alone are enough to sway most consumers who are looking for a vehicle to get to NASCAR events.

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