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The right work van can have a massively positive impact on your business. Whether you want one new van or need to replace a fleet of old vans that your team has relied on for years, the RAM Promaster for sale might be the solution for you. Let’s break down what the Ram ProMaster is, what it offers, and why you should pick it up from Sherry today.

The new 2022 Ram ProMaster for sale has a lot to offer. For starters, the interior features upgraded technology and inclusions such as Uconnect 5C NAV, as well as expanded seating options for both the front seats and the crew compartment.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Ram ProMaster 2022 model is meant to be perfect for long-haul jobs or traveling to clients many hours away. But the ProMaster also comes with excellent safety and security features, such as assistive driving tools, parking guidance, cameras you can install to prevent theft, and much more.

Whether you need to park in crowded areas or drive on the freeway for hours, the 2022 Ram ProMaster for sa [...]


The 2021 RAM ProMaster is one of the best vans in its class. But the 2022 successor brings a lot more to the table. While it doesn’t offer a radical change in exterior design, there are many notable changes inside. 

2022-ram-promaster-van-updatesConfigurations and Towing Capacity

The 2022 RAM ProMaster van is customizable, with several configurations available. Each new ProMaster van packs a transverse-mounted 3.6-liter V-6 engine. It is capable of 276 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. 

The front wheel of the 2022 RAM ProMaster uses a nine-speed automatic transmission. This is an upgrade over the predecessor’s six-speed offering. RAM says the automatic transmission provides better fuel efficiency and seamless gear changes. 

The 2022 RAM ProMaster has a final-drive ratio of 4.08, a big improvement from its six-speed sibling’s [...]


When looking for a new commercial van, you are probably overwhelmed with all the options available to you. The purpose of this article is to provide you with all the information you need to decide if RAM ProMaster used wheelchair vans are the correct choice for you. 

Are RAM ProMaster Wheelchair Vans Reliable?

When properly maintained, RAM ProMaster used wheelchair vans will typically last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles before needing serious repairs. On average this results in 13-15 years worth of reliable and dependable usage before needing a significant repair. However, as with any car, they need the proper maintenance to last their full lifetime. Yearly tune-ups and inspections should be enough to keep the van functioning properly. 

Can You Stand In A RAM ProMaster High Top Van?

A RAM ProMaster high roof van is specifically made to make it easier to stand up in. Within the cabin of [...]

  • August 1, 2022
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When you need a wheelchair van in Ohio, the team at Paul Sherry is here to help. With our dedicated partnerships, we are able to maintain a large inventory of wheelchair vans in a range of makes, models, and converters. Our expertise in wheelchair vans has given us access to a range of used wheelchair vans and allows us to provide competitive financing options to our customers. Discover a new sense of freedom with Paul Sherry’s wheelchair vans for sale in Ohio.

Paul Sherry is a certified dealer of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM. This means that we have access to the latest vans from these brands. In addition to these, we offer a range of other makes including new Toyotas, Hondas, and Fords. Our inventory doesn’t stop with new wheelchair vans because we also have access to a number of used wheelchair vans.

Paul Sherry is the number one dealer of wheelchair vans for sale in Ohio. As such, we are able to accurately assess used wheelchair vans and fix them up to their former glory. So, when you need a wheelchair van that is in your price range, a used wheelchair van is the way to go. With popular brands and converters avai [...]

  • July 13, 2022
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For individuals who use wheelchairs, finding a custom wheelchair van for sale that meets your needs can increase your freedom. Unfortunately, wheelchair vans can be expensive and no one wants to spend money on a vehicle that doesn’t meet their needs. With Paul Sherry Conversion Vans you don’t have to settle, you can get a customized wheelchair van at a price you can afford.

There is a wide range of vans that can be outfitted with a wheelchair lift of your choice. Our team of amazing sales staff can walk you through the custom order process and help you determine what would work best for your lifestyle. 

At Paul Sherry, we typically start our customization process with a RAM Chassis and then make whatever adjustments are necessary. This includes the RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 which each come with different heights and lengths. You can also customize the interior and exterior trim package, along with the color, and lift choice. 

Paul Sherry only works with the best wheelchair lift manufacturers [...]


Conversion vans are complicated items to find and purchase. With the help of Paul Sherry, your conversion van journey is quick, easy, and simple. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you select the make, model, features, and conversion that fits into your lifestyle and budget. This blog walks you through the three main steps of custom-ordering your conversion van from Sherry Vans. 

Choose Your Van Make and Model

There are a variety of makes and models out there that are ideal for conversion vans. At Paul Sherry, the number one vehicle we see converted is the RAM ProMaster. However, we carry numerous makes including Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota, RAM, and others. When purchasing a van to convert, you will want to consider a few factors—how are you going to use it, what conversion are you going to need, and how long do you plan to use it? These questions can help [...]

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