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Vans have often been seen as utility vehicles and the vehicle of choice for large families with lots of kids, and not much else. But that was never the reality! The truth you haven’t been told about new executive vans is that many of these vehicles, especially top-tier conversion vans, can be elite vehicles. Not only can vans be incredibly comfortable and a great way to get around, but they can also be some of the most highly customizable vehicles out there.

If you’ve been wanting to slide into a customized, efficient, and effective executive van, you’re in the right place. If you’ve been wondering if a van is the right vehicle for you, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at executive conversion vans, and why you should seriously consider getting one for your next vehicle purchase.

Executive Vans are conversion vans designed for comfort, luxury, and utility. These vans are often customized in addition to the base model features, but that's not necessarily a requirement.

At Paul Sherry Conversion Vans we offer a range of new, customized, customizable, and pre-owned conversion vans that are suitable for the executive [...]

how many conversion vans are sold each year

Not that long ago Conversion Vans were a niche product. They were produced, but it was mostly companies looking for utility vehicles, people buying mobility vans, and the occasional recreational van consumer that was buying them.

There were times when the production and sale of consumer vans was as small as just a couple of hundred vehicles per year.

All of that has changed.


Well, one of the bigger motivations was actually the Covid-19 pandemic, and with it, increased interest in DIY projects, camping, and road tripping, and yes, #VanLife!

While it’s hard to get an exact number on the surge in demand, (in part because plenty of people have bought conversion vans that have yet to be produced!), the conversion van market is currently valued at 6.5 Billion USD, and it’s expected to increase to 8.1 Billion USD by 2030.

For a vehicle that was once [...]

In some cases, a freshly designed conversion van can be the perfect solution for your business or family needs. Conversion vans often provide ample storage space, passenger capacity, excellent fuel efficiency, and effortless maneuverability.

Finding the right 2023 conversion van, however, might pose a challenge. At Paul Sherry, we offer precisely what you require to acquire the ideal 2023 conversion van tailored to your unique necessities.

When it comes to selecting the ideal dealership for purchasing a new or pre-owned 2023 conversion van, Paul Sherry is unmatched. Why? Our highly acclaimed dealership extends a range of advantages to shoppers like you, including: A broad inventory of top-notch 2023 conversion vans, some of which are exclusive to us. Profound expertise in conversion van maintenance and comprehension. If you're unsure about the appropriate conversion van to select, our team can promptly assist you in making an informed decision. A firm dedication to customer satisfaction. We are committed to delivering the finest shopping experience possible, ensuring your complete contentment after each transaction.

what vans can fit 9 people

Every once in a while, you might need to transport a big group of people to a wedding reception, to a party, or back to their homes from a bar. Whether you’re in need of a soccer team transport vehicle or a spacious vehicle for other reasons, you might be looking for a van that can fit nine people.

In this article, we’ll break down which vans can hold nine people, the best vans for transporting nine passengers, and other key considerations and benefits.

Types of Vans

Many different vans could be suitable for transporting nine people from one place to another. These include:

  • Full-size vans, which are large, spacious vehicles. They don’t get the best fuel mileage, but they come with plenty of space to spare and are designed for carrying lots of people from the get-go.
  • Passenger vans, which may have foldable seats and limited cargo [...]

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of comfort, versatility, and adventure. Conversion vans have captivated the hearts of travelers and families worldwide, and the upcoming 2024 models are set to take the excitement to new heights.

Discover the perfect vehicle for your journeys, offering ample room, unbeatable reliability, and a price point that will leave you pleasantly surprised. These exceptional vans are renowned for their ability to transform any trip into a comfortable and memorable experience. With enhanced features and ingenious storage solutions, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips, whether you're embarking on a camping trip or exploring new business ventures.

At Paul Sherry, we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of the 2024 Conversion Vans. As your trusted destination for top-quality vehicles, we're committed to helping you find the perfect match for your needs and desires. Stay tuned as we keep you informed about the remarkable features and advancements that await you in the upcoming 2024 models. Bookmark this page, and be among the first to embark on unforgettable adventures with the extraordinary 2 [...]

what is the point of a conversion van

Conversion vans are an incredibly popular option for everyday people and business owners. These vehicles are especially popular among large families and people who travel often. But what is the point of a conversion van?

Versatility and Comfort

what is the point of a conversion vanOne of the biggest reasons people tend to choose a conversion van over another vehicle is their versatility and comfort. You can use a spacious conversion van for a variety of purposes and activities. You can take one camping, drive it on a road trip, or use it for family vacations. Between the storage space and the seating capacity, there is enough room for everyone and everything you need.

On top of that, conversion vans are incredibly comfortable. Many conversion vans offer climate control [...]

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