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Maximize the Life of Your Conversion Van: 4 Maintenance Strategies

Conversion vans are among the most versatile vehicles on the road. Although they can be a hefty investment to start with, conversion vans are also known for their longevity and reliability for years to come. 

Like all vehicles, you get what you put into your conversion van in terms of its maintenance and long-term care. The more diligent you are about keeping up with regular maintenance tasks, the more your conversion van will reward you. 

The following maintenance routines are crucial to follow as a conversion van owner:


Your van’s fluids keep its components in excellent working condition. Changing the oil and oil filter as often as your van’s owner’s manual suggests is a must. Newer vehicles often allow for slightly longer periods between oil changes, but you still need to consider your mileage, too.

In addition to oil changes, you should check your fluids periodically, even if you just set a reminder on your phone to do it monthly. Brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid are also important fluids you don’t want to forget about. If you notice that any fluid levels decrease rapidly between checks, you may have a leak that a trusted mechanic should check out.

Engine Components

The engine is the heart of a conversion van, and it needs regular care to keep things running smoothly. When you check your fluids, get into the habit of also inspecting your engine. A few things to look for include the:

  • Battery: Look for any corrosion on or near the battery and its cables. Corrosion usually happens where the terminals connect to the battery. Long-term corrosion can result in an undercharge, which could reduce the battery’s function or cause it to stop working at all.
  • Belts: The drive belt that connects to your engine helps several aspects of your van keep running, like its electrical components and the alternator. Worn-down or brittle belts are at risk of breaking, causing these components to stop working, too.
  • Wires: When your engine is turned off, look at the wires that run to and from the spark plugs. If you notice any damage or wear in their insulation, it’s time to get them replaced.
  • Hoses: The hoses near your engine bring fluids where they need to go. Check them regularly for any areas of potential leakage.
  • Air filter: It’s best practice to have your air filter checked when you get an oil change and replaced at the same time, if necessary. A regular check when you look at everything else, though, can help you make sure it’s in good shape.

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The interior of your conversion van has a hand in the vehicle’s safety and the return you can get on your investment. A quick weekly inspection of all seats and seatbelts to check for worn-down or malfunctioning components is all you need to keep yourself, family, or clients safe.

To preserve your investment, you’ll want to dig a little deeper. Keep up with cleaning carpets, seats, windows, doors, running boards, and more. For conversion vans with blinds or curtains, plan to remove them for washing every couple of months. If you have leather seats and trim, consider using an automotive leather cleaner and sealer to keep them in excellent condition.


Taking care of your conversion van’s exterior is probably the easiest part of maintenance. Your van will appreciate a regular wash – once every week or two – to keep dirt, pollen, and road grime off its paint job. It’s especially important to keep up with washes during winter months when road salt can wreak havoc on everything from your paint to your engine.

Check your tire pressure frequently, too. If your van’s not equipped with a tire pressure sensor, you can use a simple tire pressure tool to make sure the air pressure stays within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every couple of months, check your tire treads for uneven or significant wear.

When taken care of properly, a conversion van can be a worthwhile, long-term investment for you, your family, or your business. Keeping up with maintenance not only ensures that your van runs to its full potential, but it also helps it – and you – stay safe on the road. Are you in the market for a new conversion van or need servicing done on yours? Give Paul Sherry Conversion Vans a call at (866) 906-8303 to learn more about what we can do for you. We also offer our selection of used and new conversion vans online for you to browse conveniently from home.

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