Getting Your Conversion Van Ready For Spring

Inspect-Your-RideAs winter comes to a close and the warm spring weather begins to call you to the open roads, you realize it’s time to prepare your conversion van for the year ahead. Going over the mechanical and electrical parts of your van will pay off by giving you a smoother trip without those annoying and avoidable issues. Here’s a look at some of the most important aspects that you should check.Inspect-Conversion-Van-service
The Battery
Batteries can die at any time of the year, but it’s more likely that the winter cold will push them to their edge. You can visit your local auto parts store and have your battery’s life checked for free to be sure that you can count on it while you’re on the road. When removing the battery, be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves. You do not want battery acid in your eyes or on your hands. After disconnecting your battery, clean its terminals thoroughly and mark the wires and connections so that you return them to their proper places.
Thoroughly inspect your tires for signs of excessive wear. Winter driving can be hard on tires, so look for cracks in between the treads and sidewalls and patch or replace tires as necessary. You should also check your tire pressure. In most North American states, tire pressures can vary by 5 psi or more because of the temperature change.
Entertainment Systems
Electronics can sometimes be damaged by severe cold so it’s a good idea to check the functionality of your stereos, televisions and sound systems to ensure that they are working properly. You don’t want to find an issue before a vacation. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading the entertainment system in your conversion van, now is the best time to do so. One thing to consider is to set up a hands-free system for your phone so that you are not distracted while you drive.
Engine Coolant
Check your conversion van’s coolant levels. Always keep levels high to prevent a disastrous and costly engine failure. If you’re not sure, consult the manual and make sure that the mixture you use has the correct proportion of antifreeze and water. Depending on the last time you added coolant or the condition of it, you might want to consider flushing the cooling system.
Climate Control
Checking the climate controls systems is especially important if you live in or plan on traveling through hotter or colder areas. Make sure that your thermostat is working properly and check on the status of your air conditioner coolant. If necessary, have a shop recharge it before you traveling.

Thoroughly checking these mechanical and entertainment-related parts at the beginning of the year is always the best policy. With these systems ready to go, you can focus on your adventure and not have to worry about them later on. If you make it a habit to check your conversion van every spring, your van will likely last longer and give you more memories on the open road.

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