Will A Conversion Van Fit In My Garage?

Conversion Vans are among the most versatile vehicles on the road today. They provide transportation for the entire family, haul cargo and also act as a camper on the weekends. Conversion vans typically have a rear bench seat that folds down into a bed. Weekend campers, hunters or tourists can bring their room with them, saving money on hotels and enjoy sleeping in secure comfort.

Many vans today are equipped with television sets, DVD players, overhead lighting and are very well insulated. Passenger seats are made to be comfortable. Air conditioning and heating allow create a pleasing environment for travel or camping.

There is a perception that a high top van will not fit in standard garage because of it’sย height. Most modern garage doors are seven or eight feet tall. Taller doors may be found on older homes and new doors made for taller vehicles. The best thing to do is carefully measure your garage door opening. Of course, if the van you choose is taller than your garage door opening, you can install a car port, use a cover over the van while it is parked, or have the existing door modified.

Vans are measured from the top of the roof to the surface the tires are resting on. If vents, air conditioning units or other items are attached to the roof, the height needs to be remeasured.

There are conversion vans that fit into many garages with no modifications are widely available. One popular model today is the RAM Promaster, which has a low top measurement of 90โ€ and a high top measurement of 101.โ€ Two additional popular conversion vans are the GMC Savana or Chevy Express, with a low top height of 81โ€ to 82โ€, and a high top height of 94โ€ to 96โ€.

These vans are capable of towing items such as cars, or perhaps a boat. Some owners have converted their vans into Class B RVโ€™s, complete with sofa beds, sinks, refrigerators, stoves and more. Others remove the seats on the weekend for gear storage, leaving the bench seat/bed in place and go camping. It is not unusual for owners to mount solar panels on the roof to power 12-volt appliances.

Do not let your garage doorโ€™s height stop you from owning a conversion van. You will find it offers versatility, comfort, gas mileage as well as doubles as a spare sleeping room.

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