Wheelchair Vans That Fits Your Needs and Lifestyle

Fitting a Vehicle to a Person with Mobility Problems

Those of us who have family members or friends with mobility problems understand the difficulties of transportation for them. Travel is not just an issue of vehicle, but also of access to the vehicle by the wheelchair-bound passenger or driver. In attempts to make a wheelchair van compatible and accessible, the vehicle may be less convenient for others, even limiting how a person enters the vehicle or is seated in the vehicle.

Paul Sherry’s Answer—The RAM ProMaster Conversion Van

The RAM ProMaster begins life as a chassis with safety and security options like advanced front airbags (supplemented by seat-mounted side airbags and side curtain front airbags), electronic roll mitigation, electronic stability control, and more… The point is, this front-wheel-drive van is fully outfitted in both low roof and high roof designs, and can safely carry a payload of 4,440 pounds. The sidewalls of the Ram ProMaster are virtually at a right angle to the ground, maximizing interior space and allowing easy interior planning and outfitting to meet consumer desires.

Accessibility and Comfort Accommodations

At this point Paul Sherry’s crew takes over to Customize and Personalize the van for users. All options are available to both the low roof and high roof RAM ProMaster van designs. The basic seating pattern will be set at the time the van is built, but re-configuration of seating may be necessary, depending on the add-ons in mobility accessories desired and whether the driver will be lifted into the van interior and then transferred to the driver’s seat. Console and controls may require driver hand-control accommodations. Seats may require minor reconfiguration depending on specific wheelchair needs.

The Sherry Touch

Sherry pride steps in at this point. The chair lift options open up personal preferences for the user. Power door access to the “lift station” on the vehicle allows that user to install a single post, side-mounted lift or dual-post lift, both with hand controls designed for operation by the wheelchair user. It is completely possible to install a lift (e.g., Braun/VMI/Ricon Clearway, etc.) that will raise a wheelchair user to the van interior and then open up completely to allow others to enter through the same van door! A EZ-Lock Wheelchair Restraint System can be customized to the interior space allocation to allow full tie-down safety to wheelchair-bound passenger(s) and yet permit passenger mobility within the van cabin.

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