Van Conversion Types and Converters

The term conversion van covers a broad range of vehicles. In its most basic elements, a conversion van is a van that can be converted into a bunch of different things. In order to understand the different types, and help you choose which one suits your needs, we will go into detail about the van conversion types and converters. 

Van Conversion Types

There are many types of conversion vans including:

  • Camper Vans / Class B Vans
  • Wheelchair Vans
  • Passenger Vans
  • Limo Vans
  • Shuttle Vans

A basic conversion van is typically a completely bare van that can be converted to suit the needs of the customer. This completely bare van can be a full-size van or a mini-van. Full-size conversion vans, such as the RAM ProMaster, are typically converted into business vans. While conversion mini-vans are typically converted into vans for transportation needs. These different conversion vans fall into a few different categories: camper vans/ class b vans, wheelchair vans, passenger vans, limo vans, and shuttle vans.

Camper Vans/Class B Vans

Camper vans or Class B vans are vehicles that have been converted into livable spaces. They are still fully functional and able to drive on the road, but they can also serve as a living space. Camper vans and class B vans typically have more features such as a bathroom, kitchen appliances, a living space, and a sleeping space. Camper vans are ideal for people who are looking to have a more luxurious and safer camping experience. 

Wheelchair Vans 

Wheelchair vans are a great option for passengers or drivers in a wheelchair or with other mobility equipment. They provide ample room for the wheelchair, safe entrance and exit from the vehicle, and raised roofs/lowered floors to accommodate the extra height required by a wheelchair user. 

Passenger Vans

Passenger vans are vans that can carry a large number of passengers. The appeal of passenger vans is that you can transport a large number of people without having to get a special license. Passenger vans are popular with large families or small businesses and used to transport a large number of people. Because of the large amount of room, passenger vans can accommodate a wide variety of needs.

Limo Vans

A limo van is the perfect combination of a limo and a passenger van. You get the seating experience and feel of a limo, with the functionality of a passenger van. They can have lounge-style seating arrangements, LED lights, a rear partition wall, an intercom phone system, a 32-inch flip-down HD LCD TV, bars, fold-down tables, coolers, and even seat up to 15 people. Limo vans are designed to be spacious and luxurious. That is why they are perfect for companies looking to transport their clients in style, or limo companies looking to expand their selection.

Shuttle Vans

Finally, shuttle vans are vehicles used by businesses to transport people. Shuttle vans are meant to hold as many passengers as possible. That is why they are frequently used by airports, churches, non-profit organizations, hotels, schools, or even law enforcement. Shuttle vans are also typically equipped with wheelchair accommodations as well. 

Van Converters

Van converters are the companies that create the kits to convert the vans. There are hundreds of van converters nationwide. The new van converters that Paul Sherry carries include Sherrod, Waldoch, and Sherry.

Sherrod Vans

Sherrod Vans offers a variety of styles to meet the requirements of both private owners and businesses. The RAM chassis provides superior MPG and larger interior room for more creative luxury interiors. Sherrod is a quality company, which is why we choose to work with them at Paul Sherry.

Waldoch Galaxy Vans

Waldoch Galaxy vans have a vast selection which includes versions that have been upgraded to deliver luxurious amenities, those that are perfect for shuttle service or limo service, and those designed to help passengers with restricted mobility. Galaxy vans are known for their reliability and high-quality products, making them an excellent choice of converter.

Sherry Vans

Sherry conversion vans are passenger vans that are based on the already impressive RAM ProMaster. They give you all the features of the RAM ProMaster and more. They have the best-in-class fuel economy of over 20 mpg, the best-in-class turning radius of 36 feet, and the best-in-class interior height of 6 feet, 4 inches. They come in 7 and 9-passenger conversions; as well as, high-top and low-top options. Our conversion vans are completed by us, meaning you don’t have to go to a third party to get your vehicle converted. 

Paul Sherry Conversion Vans

At Paul Sherry, we know how overwhelming it can be to decide what you need for your family of business. That is why we make an effort to walk you through each step of the buying process. Our knowledgeable sales team will work to figure out your needs and find a vehicle that works for you. Our finance team will work with a variety of lenders to get you the best quote. And our mechanics’ team will work on maintenance and repairs. 

We believe that our customers are more than a sale. When you buy a car with Paul Sherry, we make a commitment to serve you throughout the entirety of your vehicle’s lifespan. Call us at (866) 906-8303, visit our Piqua dealership, or shop our online inventory today!van-conversion-types-and-converters

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