ram tailgate van

Sherry RAM Conversion Vans Are The Ultimate Tailgating Van

When you think of tailgating, do not forget to consider the RAM conversion van. While most people do not picture a van for tailgating, the RAM conversion van actually checks off all the boxes of what you want for this type of vehicle and even throws in some bonus features.

Rear Doors Swing Fully Open

One of the great things about the RAM conversion van is that the rear doors swing open completely. This means that you can easily access the interior while tailgating, eliminating the need to waste time unloading all your gear from the vehicle. Or just take advantage of the widely opening rear doors to easily get your gear like a cooler, chairs, or even grill out of the van, so you can start tailgating without struggling to remove items from the car.

TV With Premium Sound System

The RAM conversion van also comes with a TV, so you do not have to bring along an extra one and then worry about where to place it or what to plug it into. Instead, just get the pre-game entertainment playing on the built-in TV, and everyone will be ready for the game. Best of all, the TV uses a premium sound system, so no one will have to strain to hear what is playing, even from outside the van. Use the TV and sound system to get everyone pumped for the game on the drive there and then to set up your entertainment once you arrive.

Seats up to Nine

For those who want to tailgate in a big group but prefer not to worry about parking, the RAM conversion van is the perfect solution. Since it can seat as many as nine people, you can bring all your family and friends to the tailgating party and game in comfort. There is no need to search and pay for two parking spaces that are closed to each other since you all fit in one vehicle. If you do not plan on going with nine passengers, you will have even more interior space to bring your supplies and make the most of tailgating.

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