RAM Wheelchair Van Performance Advantages

There are many types of vans available but the RAM ProMaster is among the most frequently converted into a wheelchair van. These are high-quality vans to begin with and have been for years, letting drivers choose from new or used models as a way to save money. The team at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans can help you create a custom van starting with the RAM ProMaster chassis. We choose this particular model to base our conversions off of for numerous reasons; here are just a handful of the RAM wheelchair van performance advantages.

ram-promaster-wheelchair-van20+ MPG

One of the best things about the RAM wheelchair van is that it is highly efficient. Most large vans will guzzle gas like crazy, leaving you with a high fuel bill and frequent trips to the gas station. The RAM ProMaster with its wheelchair conversion, however, can easily get over 20 MPG. This is actually the very first mobility van that is full sized and offers this type of mileage. The 6-speed automatic transmission plays a key role in this, as does the ability to choose from two engines. Those who prefer gas will appreciate the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 with variable valve timing, while those who prefer diesel will like the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel I-4. In either case, the front-wheel drive further boosts efficiency.

36-Foot Turning Circle

Another advantage of the front-wheel drive on the RAM wheelchair van is that it allows for truly impressive handling and a 36-foot turning radius. This figure is unheard of for a full-size mobility van, yet the front-wheel drive system creates a nimble, responsive, and light vehicle that lets you maneuver snowy roads, parking garages, and the most crowded of streets with ease.

6’4’’ Interior Height

Step inside the RAM wheelchair van and you will notice that you can stand up straight. The interior height is an impressive 6 feet 4 inches. Part of this is since the front-wheel drive system gets rid of the rear-wheel drive shaft that connects the rear axle in other models. Because of this, the RAM lowered the floor, creating a step-in height that is only 21 inches, enhancing its usefulness for mobility. The lower floor height also means that getting in and out of the van is incredibly easy. Thanks to the high interior height, the RAM wheelchair van also includes full overhead storage for the rear cabin, maximizing the space without sacrificing headroom.

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