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New RAM Conversion Vans vs. New GMC Conversion Vans: Here’s the Difference

When you are looking for your next conversion van, the van that it is based on is just as important as the conversions you choose. Both RAM and GMC offer great starting points for a range of conversions, from shuttles to mobility vans to limos and more, but each has its own strong suits. Take a closer look at how the new RAM conversion vans compare to the new GMC conversion vans so you can better choose which one to select for your needs.

RAM Van Advantages

You may have a slightly easier time finding RAM conversion vans than GMC ones, at least in the form of new models, because these autos convert much easier to a wide range of applications. RAM vans are commonly turned into mobility vans, limo vans, shuttles, and more. This easier conversion comes from the RAM van’s comparatively larger doors and lower height for stepping in than the GMC van. This advantage just means that you will typically have more models to choose from if you go with a RAM conversion van.

Additionally, RAM vans have a taller interior height, up to 76 inches. When put into practical terms, even passengers that are 6’4” can stand up to stretch while on a longer drive or just easily find their way to their seats without having to hunch over. RAM vans also have a better turning radius, with just a 36-foot turning circle. This makes it much easier to maneuver the RAM conversion vans in narrow alleys, parking garages, or city streets. To round it all off, the RAM conversion van gets 24 mpg, a full four mpg more than the traditional GM van chassis for conversions. Given the use these vans tend to see, those four miles per gallon can add up to lots of savings.

GMC Van Advantages

Despite the strong points of RAM conversion vans, GMC vans also have their own strong suits. They offer a larger motor, which can deliver extra power. That will come in handy when you have the van fully loaded with people or things and want to pass, merge, or get up a hill. It also has a larger towing capacity, which is useful in a range of situations.

While the RAM vans are easier to convert to a range of applications, the GMC vans tend to offer more interior options. Just some examples include El Kapitan Vans, Sherrod Vans, and Explorer Vans.

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