how many conversion vans are sold each year

How Many Conversion Vans Are Sold Each Year?

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Not that long ago Conversion Vans were a niche product. They were produced, but it was mostly companies looking for utility vehicles, people buying mobility vans, and the occasional recreational van consumer that was buying them.

There were times when the production and sale of consumer vans was as small as just a couple of hundred vehicles per year.

All of that has changed.


Well, one of the bigger motivations was actually the Covid-19 pandemic, and with it, increased interest in DIY projects, camping, and road tripping, and yes, #VanLife!

While it’s hard to get an exact number on the surge in demand, (in part because plenty of people have bought conversion vans that have yet to be produced!), the conversion van market is currently valued at 6.5 Billion USD, and it’s expected to increase to 8.1 Billion USD by 2030.

For a vehicle that was once considered retro, out of style, and the province of utility companies and little else, those are impressive numbers! Here’s why the conversion van is taking back the market:

Benefits Of Conversion Vans – Why Are These Vehicles Gaining Popularity?

Conversion vans do a few things really well that you can’t reasonably expect from any other vehicle on the market.

For one thing, conversion vans give you a spacious interior that makes #VanLIfe a whole lot more possible. Some people are even living out of their vans full-time. But if you want to take a road trip without spending thousands on hotel stays, love camping, or just want in on the fun, a conversion van is one of the best possible vehicles.

Modern conversion vans also have key advantages over older models. For one thing, fuel efficiency and drivability have both improved enormously since the original models. While there will always be something classic about the original 1960s vans, the new models have tighter turn radiuses, get more miles per gallon, and need less maintenance.

Modern conversion vans are also impressive haulers. Whether you have a large family you need to take from place to place or are a contractor or other skilled professional, conversion vans give you the interior space and weight capacity you need.

We’ve even seen some people turn their vans into a kind of mobile workshop so they’re never without they’re critical tools!

Want To Get In On #VanLife With A Conversion Van Of Your Own?

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