Conversion Van Rental: Why Buying Could Be Better For You

Renting a conversion van for your family vacation can be a good option in some cases. Renting is undoubtedly a cheaper short-term alternative to buying a van, and you won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs that come along with owning one. But when you travel frequently, does it make more sense to invest in a conversion van of your own?

Buying vs. Renting a Conversion Van: Important Points to Consider

There’s a lot to consider with any vehicle purchase, but this is especially true with conversion vans. These vans can be costly, but they also come packed with features for convenience, safety, entertainment, comfort, and more. Before you decide if renting or buying a conversion van is the right step, consider these points:

Frequency of Use

Renting a conversion van might be an affordable choice for families who travel once a year or less frequently. But if you take trips often, it’s probably in your best interest to purchase a van that you can call your own. 

Your conversion van purchase can be an excellent investment for you for years – and even decades – to come, especially if you’re diligent about keeping up with recommended maintenance. The money you spend on renting a conversion van for each trip could also be better spent as a down payment for your investment.

Rental Costs

Although renting a conversion van is much cheaper right now than financing a conversion van, the costs can add up quickly after just a few rentals. There’s a lot more to consider than just the base rental price for a vehicle, including:

  • The age of the driver (drivers under 25 often have to pay more for a rental vehicle)
  • How many miles you’ll drive (most rental companies roll in a specific number of miles you can drive for one price, but you’ll need to pay extra for any amount of miles over that amount)
  • Your rental location (some places have higher insurance costs and, therefore, higher rental costs; local taxes also play a role)
  • Extra insurance and other products from the rental company

The best way to determine if renting or buying costs make more sense for you is to consider how frequently you might need to rent a conversion van in a year. Use a pricing tool on a rental company’s website to get an estimate of your costs for each rental and multiply that by how many times this year that you plan to rent. If the total is the same or more than what you’d make as a down payment on your conversion van, purchasing is probably the way to go.


Rental companies sometimes upsell products, like a toll booth transponder or rental car insurance, that can come in handy for you. They also might offer to upgrade your rental to a newer model with more features. But those products and features also add extra costs to your rental bill.

When you purchase a conversion van, you can pick the features that are most important to you and benefit from them with every drive. Conversion vans have loads of options and layouts to meet your needs for comfort and convenience. Purchasing your van helps you avoid having to track down the right model with a rental agency.

Conversion vans have a lot to offer you, whether you choose to rent or buy. Although you’re responsible for maintenance and repairs when you purchase one, you’re also investing in a van that can keep up with your travels while giving you equity. If you’re ready to buy a conversion van, visit Paul Sherry Conversion Vans to see what we offer and find the right model for you and your family.rental conversion van

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