6 Tips for Packing Your Van for Camping

Going camping in a conversion van is one of the best ways to take advantage of your vehicle’s interior space. You can bring along a tent and set it up outside, using the interior of your van to bring people and camping supplies. Or you can remove some of the seats from inside your van and turn it into your tent, perfect for one or two people. With some clever accessories, like tents that attach to the vehicle, you can even combine both options. To make the most of your van camping, you need to pack it correctly, including bringing along the proper supplies and making sure they are accessible.

Keep the Essentials on Hand

Whether you are camping inside the van or just using it for storage, you need to make sure you have all the essential items with you. This should include things like toilet paper, a lighter and candles, a sleeping bag and blankets, basic cooking supplies, tape, a Swiss army knife or similar item, and a first aid kit. Never forget the first aid kit since safety is first and foremost.

Get Camping Supplies

Once you have your general essentials gathered, it is time to think about the specific camping supplies you need with you. Most people will want chairs and a table, unless you are very tight on room and are fine eating at the floor or plan to stick to places with picnic tables. You should definitely bring an awning for your conversion van or a separate umbrella to set up so you can be outside without being under the sun. Don’t forget your portable propane grill so you can cook and a solar shower so you can stay clean.

Have Documentation Ready

Just like any other trip you take, you need the most important documents for your conversion van ready. This means things like license, registration, and insurance. It doesn’t hurt to bring copies of your vehicle and personal insurance along just in case something happens.

Include a Traditional Road Map

Even if you are relying on technology, like your GPS or smartphone, to get you to your campsite, bring along a traditional road map. You never know when technology will fail or simply run out of batteries. Having a traditional road map or atlas on hand is essential in these cases. It can also help you see a larger view of an area without having to constantly scroll around the screen of your GPS and wait for it to load.

Bring Bug Repellent

When packing your supplies, don’t forget bug repellent. You don’t want to return from your camping trip with mosquito bites, and this can be a real risk if you aren’t prepared and are sleeping and cooking outdoors.

Pack Items in the Proper Order

If you are concerned about fitting everything mentioned above in your conversion van to start your camping trip, then make sure you do so in the proper order. The cooler with food and drinks should be accessible, ideally right behind the first row of seats. Make a small backpack your electronic storage spot and put it in the front seat. Put things that are soft and compressible, like sleeping bags or blankets, on the bottom of your cargo area. Place your heavy bags and suitcases on top of these items so they are flattened more. Your tent should go on top so you can get it out right away when you arrive at your destination.

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