5 Reasons Why a Sherry Van Is Great for Youth Sports

No matter the type of youth sports that you coach, you will need a vehicle that can take the whole team from place to place in comfort. While you could ask a few parents with minivans on the team to help out on a regular basis, this is putting a great deal of pressure on them. You will find it much easier to just buy a conversion van for your team and never have to worry about a parent having to cancel last minute.

Excellent Rear Storage

When you think about a van for youth sports, you will need something that can fit all of the gear along with the team. Some vans only let you maximize passenger room but require some odd maneuvering to fit things like hockey sticks or baseball bats inside. This isn’t an issue with a Sherry van with its incredible cargo area. Since the interior height is 6 feet 4 inches, you can easily stack equipment reasonably high without blocking the driver’s view. Or you can even tow along an extra trailer for tournaments or weekends away.

Great for Long Trips and Tournaments

While getting a van for your youth sports team will make life convenient when there are home matches, it is particularly useful for away games or tournaments nearby. Thanks to the available entertainment package, you don’t have to worry about keeping your athletes entertained. Just pop in their favorite movie and let them watch while you focus on the road.

Holds the Whole Team

You can choose between a Sherry van that seats seven or nine people, making it easy to find one that holds the entire team. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding multiple drivers and vehicles to go to your next away match. Parking is also easier since you only have one vehicle to park. Best of all, there is no need to coordinate between two vehicles to make sure you are in the same area.

Keeps Everyone Safe

Safety is a prime concern for anyone, but Paul Sherry takes care of you. Conversion vans have plenty of safety features so your team is protected. Between stability control and antilock brakes, you get added confidence while driving. The pretensioners, overhead airbags, front-impact airbags, and side impact airbags cushion you in the case of a collision, and the security system keeps your gear safe. There is even a backup camera and ParkSense to help you out if you aren’t quite comfortable with driving a larger van yet.

Warranty That Lasts Multiple Seasons

To make a Sherry van even better, you can think of it as an investment for your team’s future. The vans are covered by a 100,000-mile/5-year Powertrain Limited Warranty along with a 36,000-mile/3-year Limited Warranty for bumper-to-bumper coverage. With such long coverage, the warranty easily lasts several seasons. Best of all, the warranty is transferable, perfect if you decide to stop coaching and pass on your title to someone else, along with the team van to make the transition easier.

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