new 2019 ram conversion van

2019 RAM Conversion Vans Get An Upgrade

When you visit Paul Sherry Conversion Vans to look at the new 2019 RAM conversion vans, you will notice some updates to the latest version. Since our new conversion vans are based on the RAM, the changes to the regular vans translate into some exciting upgrades for all conversion vans built on that particular base. Discover some of the upgrades you will notice with the 2019 RAM conversion vans compared to the previous model years.

Updated Exterior

If you happen to spot a 2019 RAM conversion van next to the previous model year, you will instantly notice a few exterior upgrades. The most obvious changes are in the front fascia, which will require a closer look. Of the fascia updates, the most notable is the integration of the β€œRAM” grille theme that was previously just found on the line of pickup trucks. The RAM ProMaster that is the basis for 2019 conversions also has new black bumpers and side panels to match with the option of black steel wheels. If your conversion is based on a high-roof model, it can now include polycarbonate side rear windows while the low-roof models can include side rear windows featuring steel grates, but the latter is unlikely to be the basis of a conversion van.

New Technology

The latest RAMs that our conversion vans are based on also now have enhanced technology that is designed to help fleets. This includes Ram Telematics that Verizon Connect powers. This particular technology makes it possible to track vehicles with ease. It also lets you accumulate behavior data regarding the driver, which allows for adjustments that can help you save money on gas or even improve efficiency on normal driving routes. The data can also help encourage safe driving and deliver real-time diagnostics for the vehicle as well as performance data.

Upfit Technology

The Ram ProMaster continues to deliver the tools that make upfits or conversions simple. These include the Vehicle System Interface Module that has 41 outputs and 13 inputs. This VSIM feature lets upfitters easily and reliably connect with the vehicle systems. There is also now an optional interior LED lighting that includes integrated motion sensors and is 20 times brighter than what is on previous models.


The capability of the 2019 RAM ProMaster has also improved, letting the conversion vans do more. It now has the best payload capacity of all Class 2 cargo vans on the market, up to 4,680 pounds for the ProMaster 3500.

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