Why Your Family Needs a Conversion Van

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Having a large family does not mean that every road trip has to be a nightmare of cramped seating, crushed-in luggage, and cramped conditions.

Sure, squeezing you, the kids, and all the rest of the family into a sedan might be a nightmare, but there are other transportation options out there. A properly outfitted conversion van gives you the space you need to breathe, not to mention sit comfortably.

You can also add in a host of optional extras, everything from games consoles to iPod docks to keep the family occupied (and quiet) on the long drive to grandma’s house. So, read on to find out how a conversion van can put the comfort back into your family trips.

What Exactly Is a Conversion Van?

Before we get onto talking about their benefits, let’s define what we mean by conversion vans. A conversion van is a full-sized cargo van that has been refitted for luxury use. This means you get all of the space of a commercial vehicle with all the comfort and accessories of a modern SUV.

The most common uses for conversion vans are as a family van or a mobility van for disabled passengers. Because of their larger size, conversion vans are ideal for comfortably fitting a large number of people, a lot of luggage, or one of more wheelchairs, without sacrificing comfort.

Room to Bring Everyone

Cookouts, Thanksgiving, family picnics, and even the usual round of birthday parties, there is always a reason to get together with family and being with those you are closest to is a great way to build some fantastic memories.

However, the logistics of getting everyone from A to B in comfort can be a little less fun, especially for the larger family. Having access to a conversion van means you can transport up to seven people, and their belongings, without cramming people in on top of each other.

Driving a conversion van means you turn up to the family party relaxed and happy to see everyone, not exhausted after spending hours in a cramped sweaty mess.

Take the Team

Sports teams bring a lot of baggage with them, so if it’s your turn to transport the team, a conversion van is the only way to guarantee that you can get everyone, and their kit, to the game on time.

Because of the extra space a conversion van gives you, so don’t have to hop around organizing multiple cars and hoping that none of that vital gear doesn’t make it on the day. Just lay those seats flat, pile up the kit and head out to the stadium.

Dignity and Mobility

If you have a family member who requires the use of a wheelchair, then a conversion van represents the easiest and most convenient way to transport your loved one in comfort. The reality is that some wheelchairs, especially motorized ones, just won’t fit in a smaller car, and transitioning from a wheelchair to a car can be a stressful and unpleasant process.

A properly equipped conversion van has the hight and room you need to drive a wheelchair directly into the back of the van. No need to collapse the wheelchair at all and no uncomfortable transition into the back of a standard sedan.

High roof conversion vans also allow carers to move around the passager seating without crouching, allowing you to provide care and attention, even when you are on the move.

The Comfort You Deserve

Owning a conversion van means you and the family never have to worry about taking a cramped and uncomfortable drive again. Regardless of whether you are transporting the whole clan, a team’s worth of sporting kit, or providing a wheelchair user with an easy-to-use mobility option, a great conversion van will quickly become the family’s best friend.

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