Looking to Buy a New or Used Wheelchair Accessible Van? Here’s What to Consider

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A wheelchair accessible van can bring significant convenience to your life, but there’s a lot to consider when purchasing the right mobility van to meet your needs. From brand-new wheelchair accessible vans to more affordable used models, there’s likely a van that’s perfect for you on our lot, and we want to help you find it!

Used vs. New Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Perhaps the most important point to consider is whether you should buy a new or used wheelchair accessible van. There are benefits to both, but the one you choose depends on several factors, like your budget, your credit, and the features you need in your van.

Mileage and Reliability

Used vans will have higher mileage on them than others, which could be a drawback if its previous owners didn’t keep up with routine maintenance and important repairs. However, a used vehicle with more miles doesn’t automatically equate to broken down and worn out. Used mobility vans that have been taken care of and still run well can be just as reliable as a new model if you treat them well.

Price and Financing

Here at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans, we have wheelchair accessible vans at a range of price points to fit within a variety of budgets, both used and new. We also offer financing for any model, and you can fill out an online form for pre-approval. If you have poor credit, you might still qualify for a used mobility van at a lower price point.

Age and Technology

Some of our used mobility vans are 10+ years old, while others are as recent as 2018! When deciding on your van purchase, be sure to remember that technology changes a lot in a short period. If you’re looking at used vans, you can always browse our inventory online or give us a call to make sure the van you want has everything you need.

Other Considerations

Whether you should buy a used or new wheelchair accessible van shouldn’t be the only point to consider in your purchase. When purchasing a mobility van, it’s necessary to also think about:

Entry and Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible vans usually come in either side-entry or rear-entry configurations. Side-entry models can be great for allowing more than one wheelchair user to ride at a time and typically have more seating configuration options than rear-entry models. Rear-entry vans, however, can allow a driver to park in any parking spot because without needing extra space for side entering and exiting.

Gas Mileage

Not every mobility van is equal when it comes to gas economy. Some vans can get close to 30 mpg on the highway while others don’t quite reach 20 mpg. Depending on where you’ll be driving your wheelchair accessible van the most, you should consider how affordable its fuel range is in the city and on the highway to make it as cost-effective as possible for you.


Wheelchair accessible vans come in an array of configurations with already- installed and available options to fit each owner’s lifestyle, like heated seats, GPS navigation, and a rear backup camera. You can browse our inventory of mobility vans online to see what our vans offer and how you can customize them to fit your needs.

No matter what you’re looking for in your new or used wheelchair accessible van, our team here at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans will try its best to find you your perfect match.

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