Types of Wheelchair Lifts for the RAM ProMaster

For those who need some extra help getting around, a RAM ProMaster Wheelchair Van can be the perfect solution. These vans can easily be converted to feature an empty interior space that fits one or more wheelchairs and accommodates a wide range of lift styles. The team at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans can give you specific information on the lifts available for your RAM ProMaster, but you should know that nearly every style would work.

Features That Help Accommodate the Lift

The RAM ProMaster wheelchair on sale at Paul Sherry were designed specifically to be able to accommodate a range of lifts. It helps that the step-in height from the floor to ground is only 21 inches, as this means that the lift doesn’t have to move the wheelchair as far. The doors are also designed in a way that allows you to put a lift on the side doors of the RAM ProMaster, the back of it, or even both. The side door is 50 inches wide, offering more than enough space for any style of lift. Meanwhile, the rear doors open up 260 degrees so you can fit any lift in this area, as well. Thanks to these factors, the size of the lift will not be a concern.

Rotary Lifts

Rotary wheelchair lifts can be accommodated easily in your RAM ProMaster, and these are among the cheapest options. However, these lifts tend to have a lower weight capacity. They will lift a wheelchair in or out of the van with the boom arm, which may be set up to raise and lower either hydraulically or electrically.

Platform Lifts

Platform wheelchair lifts have a platform that the wheelchair will sit on. You then simply press a button to lower or lift the platform, folding it up when it isn’t in use. These lifts may fold and unfold automatically or may need someone to fold the platform.

Electric and Hydraulic Lifts

In most cases, an electric- or hydraulic-style lift will work easily in the RAM ProMaster. Electric ones run on electricity, are affordable, and are automatic. However, if the power fails, your lift no longer works. Hydraulic lifts use hydraulics to run so they don’t require electricity, but they are more expensive and require more maintenance.

Ask If Your Ideal Lift Works

Since the RAM ProMaster was designed to maximize mobility, it works well with nearly every type of lift on the market. Of course, if you have a specific preference, you can ask the professionals at Paul Sherry Conversion Vans. There is an online information form, and you can call the dealership to learn more about the various lift options available. We have experience helping customers across the country find a mobility van, making us familiar with all of the most popular lifts, as well as some of the less commonly used ones. In the rare case that the RAM ProMaster can’t accommodate your preferred lift, we will be able to find the next closest option so you are satisfied with your mobility solution.

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