Top 10 Reasons for Owning a Full-Sized Wheelchair Van

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Across the US, approximately 2.7 million Americans use a wheelchair on a regular basis. For many of those Americans, a full-size wheelchair van represents the most convenient way to move around without needing to pack and unpack a potentially heavy and unwieldy wheelchair.

The size of full-sized wheelchair vans is often quoted as one of the reasons people avoid them, with drivers worried about fuel economy and their ability to find parking in urban centers.

However, full-sized wheelchair vans offer so many benefits that far outweigh needing to wait a little longer to find the right parking space and, to make them clearer, we’ve made a list of them.

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1. More Transportation Options

Using a full-sized wheelchair van means you can get more people in it, it’s as simple as that. Most full-sized wheelchair vans can accommodate three passengers in the rear, a wheelchair user, the driver, and another front-seat passenger. Ideal for big days out.

2. Extra Storage Space

Most full-sized wheelchair vans offer a side, rather than a rear-loading option. This means you can use the boot space of your van for what it was originally intended for, storage.

3. Easier Access

Vehicle floor height is often an issue, especially for users of heavier electric wheelchairs. A full-sized wheelchair van offers you the option for a lowered floor, which makes loading with the use of ramp simpler and gives you more internal space.

4. Better Carrying Capacity

Because full-sized wheelchair vans are designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind, they have the load-bearing capacity and road clearance to accommodate multiple wheelchairs and other bulky or heavy equipment. Something you just won’t find on a minivan or converted SUV.

5. Larger Interior

Through a combination of their larger size and lowered floors, full-sized wheelchair vans are much better able to cope with larger and heavier models of wheelchair.

6. Headroom

That lowered floor comes in handy again when it comes to getting into your full-sized wheelchair van, as wheelchair uses can just ride up the ramp without risking a nasty knock to the head.

7. Room to Maneuver

If you happen to be caring for after a wheelchair user that needs a lot of attention, then the ability to get up and walk around their wheelchair makes life a lot easier, from a carer’s point of view.

8. Travel Ready

No-one likes spending long periods of time cooped up in a vehicle, but with the extra space you have in a full-sized wheelchair van means you can add in an entertainment system including a TV, DVD player, and even a games console. Ideal for keeping everyone entertained on a longer drive.

9. Safety

Because they are specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and differently-abled passengers, full-sized wheelchair vans are the safest way to transport both. If you are involved in a collision, you can be sure than there will be no heavy wheelchairs coming loose.

10. Comfort

The simple fact is that because of all that extra room and convenient features, a full-sized wheelchair van is the most comfortable way to transport a wheelchair and its user. You might get by with other options, but a full-sized wheelchair van is always going to be the most comfortable and convenient option.

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