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New RAM Conversion Vans: What Makes Them Unique

Out of the various new conversion vans on the market, the RAM ProMaster stands out from the crowd with a range of class-exclusive and best-in-class features. Between all of these amenities, it is no wonder that so many drivers choose a RAM ProMaster over similar new conversion vans. Whether you want a model with front-wheel drive, appreciate the low load height, or just love the seemingly limitless options, the ProMaster can be the right van for you.

Best-in-Class Turning Diameter

One of the first best-in-class features you will notice on the RAM ProMaster is its turning radius. Since you only need 36 feet to turn this van around, you can easily maneuver it around the city and get in and out of that tight spot. While vans are known for being challenging to park or complete tight turns, the ProMaster is the exception to that rule.

Class-Exclusive Front-Wheel Drive System

If you want front-wheel drive in a new conversion van, a van from Sherry Vans will be the way to go, as it offers this drivetrain as a class-exclusive feature. RAM chose to give it front-wheel drive for exceptional road manners on ice and snow, a reduced step-in height, and efficiency.

Best-in-Class Low Load Floor

Another best-in-class feature of the a new RAM conversion van is its low load floor. With just 21 inches of load floor height, you have more room to fit everything you need. The low load floor also makes it much easier to move in and out of the van; after all, it doesn’t have to be lifted as high.

Best-in-Class Interior Height

In addition to the best-in-class load floor, the RAM conversion van also features the best-in-class cargo height with the High Roof model, reaching 76 inches, although the standard roof height of 65.4 inches isn’t far behind. With the High Roof model, even passengers that are 6 feet 3 inches will be able to stand without scraping their heads on the roof; they’ll still have an inch to spare.

Best-in-Class Interior Width

The best-in-class accolades for the RAM conversion van in terms of interior space just keep growing the more you look at its details. It also has the best-in-class maximum cargo width as well as the cargo width between wheel wells. The cargo width by the wheel wells is 55.8 inches, which increases to 75.6 inches at the side panel. With so much room, the interior storage for all your cargo-carrying needs is spacious and highly configurable.

Best-in-Class Standard V6 Power

Look under the hood of the a new RAM conversion van and you will find the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. This powertrain is all you need to get the best-in-class standard V6 horsepower. With that power, you will be confident when hauling or accelerating in the van.

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