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New Mobility Van Lift Options For 2018

As you explore the new mobility vans available, you will notice plenty of exciting new lift options, giving you the freedom you need to move around and get in and out of the van with ease. Depending on the van you select, you can choose from one of several different lifts, each with its own advantages and disadvantages and situations that it is designed for.

Revability Lift

One of the most popular options is the Revability conversion of the Chrysler Pacifica, which features the option of a rear or side-mounted commercial platform lift that has a 1,000-pound capacity. This model also offers the option of a rear ramp with a 1,000-pound capacity that is 42 inches wide.

Ricon Clearway Lift

Another new mobility van lift choice for the ProMaster is the Ricon Clearway with its unique, fully-automatic split platform that folds up to get out of the way when you press a button. The system is simple to operate and convenient thanks to its push-button operation. It uses a powerful hydraulic pump and sturdy steel frame for secure, quick entry. That unique split-platform design delivers clear access to the interior and helps with visibility. The platform is non-skid and stable, featuring automatic outboard as well as inboard roll stops. The bearings at the major pivot points are pre-lubricated to extend the life of this RAM ProMaster lift, and the polyester powder coat finish provides corrosion resistance.

Ricon K-Series ClearVue Lift

Another popular choice is the K-Series ClearVue lift from Ricon. It gives the driver and passengers an almost completely unobstructed view, as it is nearly invisible from outside the vehicle, minimizing blind spots. The Classic version can hold 800 pounds, and the Titanium can hold 1,000 pounds. This lift can also accommodate a longer platform without raising the doors or roof and has automatic outboard and inboard roll stops.

Ricon Reliant Lift

This particular lift from Ricon delivers automatic access that you can depend on with a compact design that maximizes interior space. The lift was designed to be simple to maintain while the steel frame is long-lasting. To further improve durability, the major pivot points have permanent no-lube bearings. The Ricon Reliant lift also features a patented Sto-Loc design that securely locks the lift’s platform into its stowed position, ensuring a quiet ride. The platform is non-skid, and there is a built-in manual system so you are never stuck inside the vehicle or left out of it even if the automatic system fails.

Ricon Uni-Lite Lift

The final new choice for your RAM ProMaster mobility van’s lift is the Ricon Uni-Lite, which stands out for its lightweight nature and strength. Thanks to its Ricon controller, the system is one of the quietest and smoothest lifts in the world. Despite weighing just 160 pounds, the lift’s aluminum alloy construction lets it lift as much as 600 pounds. The lift is also simple to operate and all-electric. It can be adjusted to fit most doors, including those of the RAM ProMaster, and it has a powered roll stop featuring a mechanical latch.

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