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Chrysler Pacifica Mobility Vans: What Makes the REV Mobility Advantage Package Stand Out

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With so many Chrysler Pacifica Mobility vans, there are options for everyone. However, the REV Mobility Advantage Package easily stands out from the crowd with its unique features that you will not find anywhere else. It has a spacious interior and exclusive recessed side pockets, along with many other useful features.

Recessed Side Pockets

Those recessed side pockets might not seem like much at first, but they can make a huge difference. You will only find this exclusive feature on the REV Mobility Advantage Package. These side pockets tie down to help keep any equipment out of the way. They are also covered by a 50,000-mile/5-year conversion warranty, so your Pacifica Conversion will always stay organized.

Wide Interior

Many accessible wheelchair vans have somewhat narrow entry areas, despite the wide interior of the Chrysler Pacifica. However, the engineers behind the REV Mobility Advantage Package worked hard to maximize width while making the minivan accessible. The result is a 36-inch-wide interior and a ramp that is a full 35 inches wide, making it easy to fit even the bulkiest wheelchair.

Rear Entry

Perhaps the biggest feature that sets the REV Mobility Advantage Package apart from other mobility vans based on the Chrysler Pacifica is the rear entry. Most conversion vans for mobility stick to the side entrance found on the standard version, but this package places the ramp in the rear. This allows for a wider entry area, along with a ramp that can be extended longer, up to 100 inches.

The rear entry also makes it significantly easier to get in and out of the van when parked in an accessible spot, even if someone accidentally goes over the line. In fact, because of the rear entry, you could theoretically park in a standard parking space if no accessible ones are available. This is not even an option for those with side-entry Pacifica conversions, limiting their parking options.

Numerous Seating Configurations

Some conversion vans based on the Chrysler Pacifica have just a few seating configurations available, while others offer just one. The REV Advantage Package stands out with its long list of configurations, depending on how you order your van. The standard option includes bucket seats in the second row that flip and stow, and you can also add a third-row bench flip seat for two people. The configurations always include two seats in front, but it can feature space for two wheelchairs, one of which can be placed between second-row bucket seats. Or you can fit one wheelchair with a second-row bench seat or even get the extra bench seat for maximum passenger capacity. In total, there are eight seating configurations.

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