Benefits of Buying A Conversion Van

It’s what’s inside a RAM van that truly steers a buyer’s decision.

The interior is what matters β€” maybe the purpose of owning one is to haul cargo, or to be used as a daily work vehicle. Perhaps the RAM van is primarily needed to comfortably transport a large group of people.

Conversion vans have resurged as a popular option for people with a variety of transportation needs.

In all cases, a RAM van buyer’s purchasing process should start with identifying the main need, and then considering the safety. How will it be handled on the road? How many people will be inside during the majority of its use? Where will the RAM van be stored?

Benefits of Owning A Conversion Van

The RAM ProMaster is perfect for carrying a lot of passengers β€” it has front-wheel drive, so it does well on windy roads and in moments of low traction. The engine is located above the front wheels, which adds weight.

ProMaster conversion vans are great for recreational use and can be customized with accessories such as bin systems and premium leather seats.

The RAM ProMaster Cargo Van, which comes in varying lengths, also has front-wheel drive and is multi-functional. It’s a solid choice for recreation or work, with advanced features such as automatic emergency braking and crosswind assist to keep those inside the RAM van safe.

Still on the fence about buying a conversion van? Here are some pros:

β€’ Large families can travel together, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles
β€’ They are comfortable, often with plush seats so that there’s no feeling of riding on a bus
β€’ Tons of space for people, work tools or hauling large quantities of items
β€’ Converting to a camper van means no rentals or worry about where to sleep
β€’ They can be easier to park than bigger options such as motorhomes


sherry-conversion-vans-benefits-of-ram-promasterChoose From Different Ram Conversion Van Models

Varying RAM van models are available for buyers to see and figure out the best one for their need. The RAM ProMaster Cargo Van offers a standard, powerful V6 engine and has a tight turning circle. The full-size van has a choice of roof heights in addition to the body lengths and payload capacity.

The RAM ProMaster City is great for those on the shorter inner-city roads and provides big cargo volume, featuring in-floor cargo anchors. It’s good on gas, too. Some might see this vehicle used by mail carriers and other types of delivery drivers.

Another RAM van to consider is the ProMaster Window Van. This one also has front-wheel drive for good traction. It has a tall roof and low floor height to allow for lots of interior space, which is good for loading and unloading. Newer features include crosswind assistance and an optional digital rearview mirror. Ride comfort is a big feature of this RAM van, which also has a tight turning circle for easy maneuverability.

The ProMaster Window Van features a huge, raked windshield to allow for good front vision, and the side windows assist with excellent peripheral vision.

Safety features in each of these RAM van options are plenty. Talk to the dealer about options such as forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring.

A conversion van is the best option or people looking to have a handy home away from home. They typically fit into regular-size driveways and parking or campground spaces, eliminating the hassle of parking far from a destination or complaints from neighbors. Whether it’s a camper van or cargo van, a RAM van will meet the needs of someone who has a lot of things β€” or people β€” to transport.

Pricing on each type of RAM van varies, so check with the dealer about what comes standard and what can be added.



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