Available Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Lifts

Do you live in a place with narrow aisles and limited side entry options?

Side entry may not be an option for people with specific garage parking needs or lifestyles. So, rear entry wheelchair van lifts are popular alternatives to side entry ones. They offer affordable and accessible options with your mobility and independence in mind.


Benefits of New Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Lifts

Paul Sherry Conversion Vans offers innovative rear-entry van lifts to fit every buyer’s needs. We order each wheelchair van lift from reliable manufacturers with the customer in mind. Better yet, you can always consult with our mobility experts to help customize your new lift to suit your lifestyle.

Based on years of experience, here’s why we recommend our new rear entry wheelchair van lifts:


We understand that buying and customizing a wheelchair-accessible van is not cheap. Even with car financing, it will still be more expensive than your standard vehicle. But when compared to side entry options, most rear-entry lifts are more affordable.

Also, we have a range of price points to fit your needs and budget. For example, you may end up paying less if you choose a manual wheelchair lift.

Easy Entrance

Our rear entry wheelchair lifts offer a faster and more convenient way of entering your car. You only need to move forward to enter your van. And because of this design, it is also easier to choose any passenger position in your car.

Automatic vs. Manual Options

We offer both manual and automatic rear entry wheelchair van lifts. Here, your preference matters, but manual lifts are more affordable. Whichever you choose, we select the most efficient lifts for our customers.

Paul Sherry’s Home of Variety

Variety is the spice of life, so we strive to give you the best choices out there. This way, you can choose a lift that suits your budget, lifestyle, and customization.

ATS Mobility Rear Entry Lifts

One of the most popular options is the ATS mobility vehicle lifts. ATS offers high-quality manual rear entry wheelchair van lifts with safety and efficiency as a priority.

Primetime Mobility Rear Entry Lifts

Primetime also offers durable and reliable rear entry lifts. Primetime consistently manufactures rear seat lifts with the best materials and seamless engineering.

Why Choose Paul Sherry Conversion Vans’ New Rear Entry Van Lifts

At Paul Sherry Conversion Vans, we go all out to offer the best rear entry wheelchair van lifts in the market. We want to be part of your journey, so your mobility and comfort are our top priority. Also, our knowledgeable staff is always available to guide you.

Browse our inventory today or custom order a new one through our dealership.

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