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Ram ProMaster Conversion Van Safety

  1. Airbags
  2. All-Speed Traction Control
  3. Brake Assist
  4. Roadside Safety Kit
  5. Electronic Roll Mitigation
  6. Electronic Stability Control
  7. Halogen Lights
  8. ParkSense
  9. Back-UP Camera
  10. Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System
  11. Tire Pressure Monitoring Display
  12. Trailor Sway Damping


1. Air Bags – Ram ProMaster features six air bags for standard protection. Advanced driver and front-passenger air bags deploy during a severe frontal or near-frontal impact.


2. All-Speed Traction Control – All-speed traction control uses the same wheel sensors as the Antilock Brake System:

  • Determines when a wheel is beginning to slip
  • If wheel spin is detected, system applies brake pressure to slipping wheel(s)
  • If necessary, reduces engine power


3. Brake Assist – In a panic-stop situation, drivers tend to:

  • Quickly stomp on the brake pedal
  • Release pressure slightly
  • Quickly re-apply brake pressure

As a result, maximum braking power is not utilized in a panic stop .

Brake Assist compensates for this human response:

  • When a driver applies brake pedal at very fast rate, system interprets this as a panic stop
  • Applies and maintains maximum braking pressure
  • Even if the driver reduces the brake pedal slightly, maximum brake pressure is maintained

Helps vehicle stop in shortest possible distance.


4. DOT-Certified Roadside Safety Kit – For original equipment confidence, Ram ProMaster offers an available Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified roadside safety kit

Inside the stowable Ram duffle bag:

  • 3 reflecting warning triangles
  • 2 red vinyl flags
  • Spare fuses
  • Fire extinguisher
  • DOT-certified first aid kit


5. Electronic Roll Mitigation uses the ESC* sensors to reduce potential wheel lift during severe or evasive maneuvers:

  • Determines that a change in steering and vehicle speed are sufficient to potentially cause wheel lift
  • Applies individual brakes with high burst of pressure
  • Causes the outside tire to slip; vehicle’s weight transfers back over inside tires
  • Helps keep all four tires solidly on ground
  • ERM reduces potential for wheel lift during severe/evasive maneuvers
  • Cannot prevent wheel lift due to other factors, such as road conditions, leaving roadway, or striking objects or other vehicles


6. Electronic Stability Control (ESC):

  • Monitors sensors in the steering column and passenger compartment
  • Constantly compares steering action and vehicle yaw

When vehicle begins to understeer:

  • ESC automatically applies the inside rear brake to help achieve the desired turn

When vehicle begins to fishtail:

  • ESC automatically applies the outside front brake to help correct oversteering
  • ESC may also reduce engine power in addition to braking
  • ESC determines where drivers want to go and helps them get there


7. Halogen headlamps produce more light per watt than traditional headlamps for impressive lighting performance:

  • Provide extended service life
  • Relatively inexpensive to replace
  • The clear lens is made of polycarbonate material and is impact-resistant for durability and long life
  • Feature integrated amber-illuminated park and turn signals


8. ParkSense Rear Park Assist System – The available ParkSense Rear Park Assist System* uses ultrasonic sensors and sound waves to detect stationary objects behind vehicle:

  • When in Reverse or Neutral, system scans for objects behind vehicle

When object is detected, ParkSense warns:

  • With graphic display in the instrument cluster
  • Plus audible warnings increase in tempo as vehicle gets closer to object

May want to disable ParkSense when towing trailer:

  • Can be turned off


9. ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera – Available ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera* displays video image of area behind vehicle (when in Reverse):

  • Helps determine if an obstacle is in path of vehicle
  • Better rearward visibility when backing up
  • Particularly effective in showing objects behind the vehicle not viewable in exterior mirrors
  • Camera operates in all lighting situations
  • Needs no supplemental light

Whenever the transmission is placed in Reverse:

  • Color image displays on screen in radio
  • “Check entire surroundings” is displayed
  • Lines on screen indicate vehicle’s width
  • Shifting out of Reverse deactivates system


10. Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System – Keyless Entry with available Sentry Key theft deterrent system:

  • Keyless entry allows you to lock and unlock the driver door, front passenger door and the right sliding door (as equipped) at the touch of a button on the key fob
  • Sentry Key theft deterrent system will help prevent your vehicle from starting if an attempt is made to start it without the properly encoded key


11. Tire Pressure Monitoring Display – Tire Pressure Monitoring Display in the instrument cluster identifies the actual tire pressure for each tire:

  • The cluster screen changes to tire pressure display and a chime sounds when the system senses low pressure in any tire
  • System automatically checks air pressure in all four tires using sensors integrated with valve stems
  • Sends continuous radio frequency signals, alerting you when pressure is too low

Monitoring proper tire pressure results in safer operation, longer tire life and enhanced fuel efficiency.


12. Trailer Sway Damping – Trailer Sway Damping uses the ESC* sensors to recognize an excessively swaying trailer and takes the appropriate actions to attempt to stop the sway:

  • Applies brake pressure on alternating wheels
  • If necessary, adjusts the throttle
  • Becomes active automatically once an excessively swaying trailer is recognized

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