5 Uses for a Sherry Luxury Van

While most people on the road will stick to cars, trucks, or SUVs, some will find that a luxury van from Paul Sherry is the ideal option. These vans fit seven or nine passengers with ease and are spacious with premium appointments. They let everyone ride in comfort and give you unlimited options for uses. While you could always use your luxury van for a shared taxi service, there are plenty of other uses, as well.

Family Vehicle

If you have a larger family, then a Sherry luxury van will be the ideal choice. Since they are ready for nine passengers, you don’t have to worry about having room for everyone when you go to the store, movies, or on another outing. They will always have room for you, your spouse, and several kids, plus their friends.

Business, School, or Hotel Shuttle

Those who run a hotel, business, or school may find a luxury van very useful. Businesses and schools can use them to bring multiple students or employees to a training facility or group activity in a comfortable vehicle as opposed to a bus. These vans are particularly useful if you don’t want to worry about finding a way to bring your employees to frequent off-site programs. Meanwhile, hotels may want to use a van to provide shuttle service from a nearby airport.

Limited-Mobility-Friendly Transportation

Sherry luxury vans are among the few vehicles on the market that can be specifically designed to transport those in wheelchairs or with other mobility-related issues. Wheelchair conversion vans will already have a ramp or similar item in place to get everyone inside. Or you can make a few simple modifications to a different van and get similar results.

Camping or Road Trips

Those who enjoy going on adventures can truly enjoy a luxury van from Paul Sherry. Imagine taking a road trip with plenty of room to spread out in one of these vans as opposed to being cramped together in a small minivan with limited legroom and hip room. The luxury conversion vans on our lot will always have more than enough luggage space for your trip, as well.

If you want to get truly creative, you can take some of the seats out of a van and turn it into a mobile tent. Instead of sleeping on the hard or possibly wet ground, you and one or two other people can sleep on the soft flooring of the van.

Moving Large Animals

Those who have larger animals have found ways to make the most of luxury vans, as well. As with camping, consider taking out a row or two of seats from the van to make room for your animal that won’t fit in the average car or simply won’t be comfortable there. While you won’t be able to safely transport or fit a horse inside, you can probably manage a calf, pony, or donkey. Large dogs will strongly prefer riding in a van with some seats removed as opposed to your cramped car. Just remember to lay down a tarp or blanket first to protect your flooring.

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