10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Conversion Van


Reasons To Own A Conversion Van

Conversion vans were quite popular in the 70s and 80s but declined in desirability throughout much of the 90s. But with all the technological advancements to modern vehicles, a conversion van is a good choice today, and here are 10 reasons why:


Unibody SUVs simply can’t compare to the sturdiness of a vehicle built on a frame. This is important in terms of safety, durability, and reliability.


Yes, there was a time when a conversion van drove like a truck, but now they handle more like a well-engineered car. This improved handling means even those who used to worry about driving a larger vehicle can do so with ease.


While SUVs have been all the rage lately, a conversion van can provide all the space and amenities for much less. Those SUVs, in addition to costing more, have fewer configuration options. This is one of many things that make Used Conversion Vans so popular.


Compared to some full-sized SUVs, conversion vans can better fuel mileage. Why spend all that extra time and money at the pump when you can have a vehicle that can go much further?


Don’t want other drivers to notice you taking a nap in your vehicle? In a conversion van, you get deep tinted windows and window shades. So feel free to stretch out on the sofa bed and relax.

Vacation Enjoyment

Many can remember family vacations in cramped cars with few amenities. These long excursions were filled with cries of “how much longer?”. With options like interior tables for playing games on or hookups for almost any device, long trips will be remembered not just for the arrival, but also for the ride.

Help For Those Who Need It

For those transporting passengers with mobility issues, a conversion van is a requirement. Getting a loved one in and out of a properly converted van is an ease and ends worry about falling or injuries. The RAM ProMaster Mobility Van is one of the best platforms available.

The Great Outdoors

A lot of families use their vans for camping, but to get the most out a camper van, it has to be configured properly. A conversion van is ideal for campers who want to be able to spend time in the van in addition to having somewhere comfortable to sleep. Some people even go a step further and purchase a Class B Motorhome.

The Options

Rather than choose from the often limited configuration choices offered by some sellers, van conversions can accommodate even the most fantastic of designs. From exotic interior lighting to amazing paint jobs, conversion vans are the ultimate expression of individuality in a vehicle. You can even design a Custom RAM ProMaster Conversion Van.

The Space

Conversion Vans are perfect for large families or anybody that wants to be able to transport more than a few people. They also have extremely comfortable interiors to help passengers avoid that “bus-like” feeling.

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