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Explorer Conversion Van

Explorer Conversion VanExplorer Conversion Vans are the most popular conversion van on the market today. Since 1980, The Explorer Conversion Van Company has grown to more than 100 craftsmen who oversee everything that goes into an Explorer conversion. From the wood components, to seating, interior lighting and ground effects, every detail in an Explorer Conversion Van is built in house to ensure long lasting quality even for used Explorer Conversion Vans.

What Makes Explorer Conversion Vans Different

Explorer Vans are perfect for family trips, hauling the kids, a weekend getaway, a guys’ golf outing or the girls’ day out. Smart engineering is merged with thoughtful design. It’s transportation with luxurious style and hevrolet Explorer Conversion Van AWD 1500comfort, like soft leather reclining seats, power lumbar support system and elegant trim. At last, practicality meets elegance, with a bit of an attitude. Choose from a seven, nine or fifteen passenger Chevrolet, GMC, or Ford van and begin driving an Explorer that fits your lifestyle. Whether you are taking a road trip cross country or visiting family a couple hours away, Explorer vans are packed with endless features making it more like a 2nd home rather than a van.


Explorer Conversion Vans have remarkably easy handling due to a turning radius as good as most sedans and minivans. Also, Explorer vans are equipped with standard 4-wheel Antilock Braking System (ABS) and driver and front-side passenger air bags, making sure you arrive at your destination safely and securely.

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Explorer Van By Chassis

Official Explorer Conversion Van Brochure

Chevrolet Explorer Van

  • RWD 1500
  • AWD 1500
  • RWD 2500

GMC Explorer Van

  • RWD 1500
  • AWD 1500
  • RWD 2500

Ford Explorer Van

  • RWD E-150
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